'We as conservators care in a responsible manner to preserve the objects you love and hold dear. We do so with the best tools and materials, with respect for the objects and with dedicated use of our professional competence, experience and love for the profession.'

Madieke Fleuren, restorer
Madieke Fleuren owns a workshop for the restoration of antique globes and graphics. We will ensure complete restoration of the globe. From substrates such as plaster and papier-mâché to the reconstruction of the maps and varnishing. Also antique graphics such as books, prints, maps and charts are expertly restored.

In 2008 a restoration covenant was established. A partnership maintained between Dejavu-Restore (directed by Vincent Evers, wood and metal conservator) and Madieke Fleuren restorer (restoration of globes and graphics). This allows the studio to offer full service: besides the work on the sphere and maps are also the restoration of the globe chair and brass parts as meridian and hour rings in our experienced hands.

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