Terms and Conditions
The following terms apply to all the work done by Madieke Fleuren.

Make an appointment
Clients are always welcome at the workshop to discuss potential assignments. You can call ahead for an appointment, or contact us by email.

Tenders may only be made after the object has been carefully tested. Due to the complex nature of the work can for the restoration unforeseen problems. Should this happen and it would mean that the cost of restoration with more than 10% would increase Madieke Fleuren will contact the client and wait for further restoration of the object until it has been authorized.
The client is entitled to payment of the work done to date the object to be picked up.
For this reason can only be seen as indicative bids.
Given the importance of the object comes first is not possible to achieve the agreed date of the restoration will be completed to guarantee.
Unfortunately it is not possible, to give a quotation or estimate over the phone. Tenders for large projects can be charged. Offers are valid for 6 months.

The client is expected within 14 days of receipt of the bill meets the outstanding balance in advance unless otherwise agreed. Objects can only be removed if the payment is done or if paid on receipt of the item. If an account within 14 days after the date the account is paid, there will be an interest rate of 2% per month on the outstanding amount will be extra calculating.

Due to the nature of the work of the restorer it is not possible for conservators to ensure the objects they restore. The client is therefore responsible for any damage or loss of their items at the time of transport to, from and during his stay in the studio. While there is obviously extremely cautious in dealing with the objects, the client is still advised to insure their items.

Collection and delivery
The client is responsible for placing and retrieving its object to and from the studio.

Madieke Fleuren retains the copyright of all reports and photographs of objects made.