All parts of the globe are restored. The sphere is composed of a layer of papier-mâché covered with a layer of paath (type of plaster). Damaged layers can be restored. The paper on which the delicate graphics are made on is applied on this plaster. This layer consists of printed, and hand-colored strips of paper (gores). Missing parts in the graphics layer are reconstructed with the most durable materials. Originaly the graphic layer is covered with a transparent varnish. By carefully removing and re-applying this layer the original colours will become vividly visible again.and the graphic will be protected from outside influences. As a matter of course, all these operations are reversible.

Wood and metal
In our workshop, damaged or missing parts of a globe can be repaired or reconstructed. This allows components such as a wooden stands or compasses to be restored in its original state.

Books, prints and maps
Missing parts from prints and maps are restored by using various paper saving techniques. On these parts, the map image will be retouched. In old books we replace broken or rotted wooden boards by similar new material. We fill the corner fittings and fasteners and gaps in the pieces of leather. Furthermore, we applied new leather color.

Globes at the workshop
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